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A Musical Journey

The Story so far…

Having performed and recorded for many years as a successful singer-songwriter, HAZEL put the call out for local musicians who were keen to explore her back catalogue, to collaborate, and to craft new and exciting original music. As the word slowly spread, a collection of talented and passionate musicians came together to play and to create. From the seed of these sessions, a forest grew, and an alt-country, folk and roots collective took form. Out of the wilderness of the rolling COVID lockdowns, HAZEL & The Thief was born.

HAZEL & The Thief combines the vocal and melodic magic that is HAZEL, with a diverse range of musicians, instruments and playing styles. Audiences can expect pure vocal tones, tight grooves, organic rhythms, and a twang or two for good measure. And of course, there are stories to be told - this is music that is honest, authentic and soulful. Whether it be a stripped back folk gig at an intimate venue, or a grooving alt-country/roots foot stomper at an outdoor festival, you can always expect energy, passion and good times when HAZEL & The Thief are on stage.

HAZEL  is the heart and soul of the band. The lead vocalist and song writer, she weaves her special kind of magic through melody and lyric. She has performed alongside some of Australia's most renowned musicians such as Tash Sultana, Delsinki, Mick Thomas, Ella Hooper, Charm of Finches, Weeping Willows, Freya Josephine Hollick, MAXON, Brooke Taylor and many more.


Ray Luckhurst | Bass (Dad)

Ryan Luckhurst | Vocals & Guitar (Brother)

Kelvin Blogg | Guitar (Uncle)

Jamie Hansen | Drums

Luke Fraser | Drums

Josh Moore | Bass, Vocals, Keys, Guitar

Arturo Tallarida | Guitar, Slide, Mandolin

Yanni Dellaportas | Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin

MAXON | Keys & Vocals

Jim Love | Vocals & Guitar 

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