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She's Got Power

Two years in the making, HAZEL has finally finished writing and recording her 2nd single 'She's Got Power' ready for the celebration of women for International Women's Day on March 8th. Australian singer & songwriter HAZEL has inherited success with her heartfelt melodies and ‘straight out the horse mouth’ lyrics, drawing many humble and down to earth lovers of music and story. Every song has its haunting notes, honest lyrics and melisma bringing an enormous amount of energy and charisma. She's Got Power was written from life experience being a single mum with daughters. It's political, warm and has a strong message.

"Sometimes in our life, we find ourselves hurting. Stand tall, be yourself, be proud of what you have got. Don't let them break you and take your strength away"

It's another, 'hug your mate' tune say's HAZEL. This song is not just directed to people identifying as female, it's a message for anyone and everyone who has ever experienced a situation where they have felt, belittled, bullied, left behind or broken.

"She's Got power, but her hands are tied. She's Got power, but her lips are sealed"

"We all have that strength inside us, however sometimes we hold back and let the hurt break us or silence us. This song is a message to stay strong, speak up and unite" says HAZEL.

With her recent musical collaborations, her natural authenticity and hardworking attitude, HAZEL has gained recognition within the music industry performing alongside and collaborating with some of Australia’s most renowned musicians. These include Tash Sultana, Ella Hooper, Mick Thomas, Brooke Taylor, Delsinki, MAXON, Justin Brady, Charm Of Finches, Weeping Willows and many more!

HAZEL being the lead singer and songwriter, the thief, or shall we say, thieves, are her trusty sidekicks (band members).

Playing fiddle, keys, percussion, mandolin and more. It's always different. HAZEL is popular for her energetic live performances. Audiences can expect pure vocal tones, tight grooves, organic rhythms, and a twang or two for good measure. And of course, there are stories to be told - this is music that is honest, authentic and soulful. Whether it be a stripped back folk gig at an intimate venue, or a grooving alt-country/roots foot stomper at an outdoor festival, you can always expect energy, passion and good times when HAZEL (& The Thief) are on stage.

"A family collaboration"

CREDITS: She's Got Power was recorded in between lockdowns of 2021. The music was arranged and produced by her musical dad Ray Luckhurst. Acoustic guitar was performed by her brother Ryan Luckhurst (Lucky), electric guitar Trev Dwyer from The Humbuckin Pickups, keys played by Danny Oakhill (Queen Forever) and drums by Luke Fraser (Backyard Brew).

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